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Best Family Dogs

Best Family Dogs

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right dog to add breed to add to your family. Today, our Lithia Springs vets share 10 dogs that are great family pets to help you make a decision.

Finding the Right Dog for Your Family

When determining the right dog breed for you and your family, look beyond the appearance of the dog and take the time to consider some more important factors including the amount of space the breed needs, how much exercise the dog requires, and their overall temperament.

Look for a dog that is appropriate for the size of your home, your family's energy level, and how much time each member of your family will commit to training them. Below, we have shared some of our favorite family dog breeds to help you find the right pup for you:


If you live in a large home and are interested in a dog that will help fill space, the large Newfoundland could be a great option for your family. This sweet-natured dog is also called 'Nature's babysitter'. They are intelligent dogs that love being around kids and make excellent family pets.

Irish Setter

Weighing an average of 65 lbs when fully grown, this breed is more than just very beautiful! They are lively, intelligent, and have a great mind for mischief. Irish Setters love chasing balls, going for long runs, and playing games in the backyard with children. If your kids are high-energy they will enjoy spending time with this breed.

Golden Retriever

If your children will have fun throwing a ball and playing with the family pup or will love teaching the dog new tricks, this could be the right breed for you. Ranging in weight from 55-75 lbs, Golden Retrievers are confident, friendly, smart, kind, and loyal, making them great for family life.

English Bulldog

This breed isn't as energetic as the ones discussed above and usually weighs around 50-55 lbs, making them more appropriate for smaller homes and apartments. These dogs actively seek social interactions with their owners and love cuddling up with the family to relax and watch a movie. English bulldogs can make sweet, gentle, and dependable animal companions.


Weighing between 18 and 30 lbs, this medium-sized breed craves time with their people, playing games, and going for walks. These smart dogs can make very loving family pets when provide with lots of daily exercises and family interaction. We don't recommend this breed for families that spend a lot of the day away from home.

Boston Terrier

On average, Boston Terriers weigh just under 25 pounds. These people-loving dogs come with their own easy-to-manage "tuxedo" coats. They are content playing with the kids and going for short walks. This charming breed adapts easily to apartment living and makes a great companion for children. Boston terriers have a complete personality your kids will love.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Weighing between 10 and 18 lbs, this portable-size pup is lively but gentle, making them an ideal breed for those who live in apartments or smaller homes. Cavaliers get along well with kids and other dogs. They love to play and snuggle in equal measure. These sweet-natured dogs can be great pets for kids of any age and energy level.


These adorable little pups love to eat and sleep. If your kids are small, don't have a lot of energy, and would appreciate a dog that will play indoors and curl up with them to watch TV, a pug may be a great choice. At approximately 15 lbs, this breed doesn't need much space and only a couple of short walks a day.

French Bulldog

This small breed dog is very adaptable and perfect for city-dwelling families. They are very easygoing, not very active, and respond well to training. But overall, they are generally very affectionate and great for new families,

The Mutt

Mutts are mixed-breed dogs that can be fantastic for families! They often come equipped with the best traits of various kid-friendly breeds, including a gentle loving nature and loyalty. These dogs can be as good with children as purebred dogs, are generally less susceptible to genetic diseases, and are less expensive. The perfect breed for your family could be waiting for you at your local animal shelter.

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